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  • So Many SubBox Tour Photos!

    Yeah!  The SubBox Tour!  That thing where five of your favorite YouTubers brought your Sub Box to you during the Fall a few months ago!  Remember that!  Well, the first show was in Los Angeles and I went to take some photos of these lovely faces that I call friends!  It was a lovely evening and so much fun to take photos of them.  I hope you guys enjoyed your encounters with them out there on the road.

    So a few months later - here’s where that tour began!

    Find their tumblr homes here:

    Alex Carpenter - ingeniousnonsense

    Meghan Tonjes - meghantonjes

    Mike Falzone - mikefalzone

    Meekakitty - tessaviolet

    Jason Munday - jasonmunday

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      I wish I could have gone to this, but, sadly, Ann Arbor ended up not happening.
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      Yay! I didn’t make things awkward! Go me! :D
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