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  • #waywire.  Stay Wired.  So last week I had the pleasure to go to the #waywire offices to photograph their amazing team.  

    This is again, part of that project which I promise very soon you’ll know so much more about.  In the interim, let’s talk about what is.

    Some of you might be familiar with them through Mike Falzone (if you look closely you can find him in one of the photos), he hosts a show Monday - Friday called TweetTap where they (he and his co-host Coffee Girl) talk about what’s happening around social media on the internet that day.  But #waywire is so much more.  It’s a way for you to form your own wire of video sources on the internet.  You follow other wires based on your interests.  The videos they make and the ones they re-wire will show up in your feed.  I use mine as a source for news.  I start each day with my wire and glancing at what’s happening in the world, on demand.  I also get to follow NASA and other geeky fun science wires to find out specifically what’s happening in the topics I enjoy most, sprinkled across world news.  Awesome right?

    Learn more about #waywire here:

    After you do that, sign up and get your own wire here:

    Then after that you can follow my wire here:

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